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April 9, 2009


Wendy Stephens

Buckhorn High School

New Market, Ala.

(256) 379-2123

Teen Online Behavior
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Mentioned Applications

Content Consumption
Video: YouTube, hulu, veoh
Audio: pandora, mixturtle, songza
Books: poptropics (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), onemanga, stoptazmo, Cathy’s Book, Skeleton Creek,, barrylyga,com, (Sarah Dessen),,,, Classof2K8 & Classof2K9

Internet portals: iGoogle, poodwaddle, forisearch

Yahoo! Mail
Social networking: xanga, bebo, facebook, myspace, plurk
Online journals: livejournal, gaia, newgrounds
Special interest: shelfari
Virtual worlds: teensecondlife, World of Warcraft, Puzzle Pirates

Content Creation,
Goodyear, D. (2008, December 22). I [heart] novels. The New Yorker.
Barrionuevo, A. (2009, March 13). In Argentina, a camera and a blog make a movie star. The New York Times

Twelve Tech Tools Teens Love

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